Rolled cake with Bonne Maman INTENSE Raspberry
Rolled cake with Bonne Maman INTENSE Raspberry

-12 eggs
-140g of brown sugar
-230g of flour
-1 pinch of salt
-1 jar of Bonne Maman INTENSE Raspberry
-200g thick yoghurt
-1 handful of fresh raspberries (optional if not the season)
-1 bunch of fresh mint
-3 edible flowers (optional)

1.Separate the whites and yolks from 6 eggs.
Beat together 6 whole eggs, the 6 yolks with the sugar.
Add the flour gradually.
2.Whip the egg whites with salt until reaching a soft peak and add them gently to the mixture (with a spatula or a wooden spoon).
Separate the dough into two large rolled cake pans (or baking pans) and cook them in a hot oven for 20min at 180 ° C (15min if baking one dough at the time).
3.Moisten two tea towels and sprinkle them with a tablespoon of sugar.
4.Place the cakes on the towels, and wrap them up.
5.Let the cakes cool down.
6.Mix together the Bonne Maman INTENSE Raspberry and the yoghurt.
Remove the cakes from the towels, cut them in half lengthwise and garnish them with the mixture fruit / yogurt.
Place the cakes one after the other, then roll them to form only one cake (as pictured).
7.For the cake to hold well, leave it in cool temperature for a few minutes.
When serving, cut the top of the cake by 1cm (to make it as neat as possible) and decorate with mint and edible flowers (plus raspberries, if it’s the season)